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Windows phones may not get Windows 8 update

The new Windows 8 Phone OS will be available this fall according to Microsoft, bridging the gap between mobile and desktop windows computing. However, Microsoft has stated that current Windows phones will not receive the OS update.

Earlier this week Microsoft announced the Surface Tablet, a major step towards its breakthrough into the tablet market. But the company seems to always be playing a catch up game with Apple and Android who have already dominated the tablet industry.

In 2010 Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7 OS, and earlier this year Nokia launched its first Windows phone. Sales have been less than overwhelming, with only 2.2 percent of smartphones shipped out worldwide running Microsoft software in comparison to 23 percent for Apple and a massive 59 percent for Android. The new Windows Phone 8 OS is said to bring new applications and metro features that will bring the OS up to date with current mobile operating systems.

Hit games like Words with Friends and Dra…

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