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Windows 8 Tablets Will Reportedly Cost More Than iPads

The Microsoft Windows 8 tablets are set to reach consumer markets later this year. THey will offer a tablet friendly metro interface, a market that will compete with the Apple App store, and compatibility with Office apps and other Windows applications. Some will even be able to run desktop applications.

So what is the bad news? A new report from VR Zone has suggested that the new Windows 8 Tablets may be priced from 500 to 900 dollars. However, there is also opportunity for lower price range Windows 8 tablets. Why are they priced so high though?

The Windows 8 Licensing Fees

Google offers its Android OS free to tablet manufacturers as Google makes its money …

Check out the full article at Time Wasters Online

2 comments on “Windows 8 Tablets Will Reportedly Cost More Than iPads

  1. Saad Faruque

    I hear a lot of good thing about windows 8… as long as they are up to the mark.. maybe apple is not the only way … we all want to have choices

  2. Time Waster

    Reblogged this on Tech Buzz Online.

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