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Apple iPhone 4 Retinal Display Technology..What is it?

Apple has built a lot of hype around its retinal display technology implemented into the latest Apple iPhone 4S and the new Apple iPad. But most of us are thinking, what is it? Read more to find out.

What is it?

The retina display is in basic terms, a high resolution display. The Apple iPhone 4 provides a screen resolution superior to many other smartphones at 960×640 pixels. This is four times the pixels of previous models. As the iPhone has a 3.5 inch screen, this measures to 326 pixels per inch. Basically, the more pixels you fit on a screen, the greater the quality of images. You see greater clarity, colour and detail when you compare the display to lower pixel counts.

So what is a pixel?

A digital display consists of a number of pixels which as whole build the image you are seeing. A pixel is a coloured block which can be used somewhat like a building block, to build up a greater image. The trick with a quality display is to minimise the noticeability of individual pixels to create a seamless, whole and complete image.

The Apple iPhone retina display makes it nearly impossible to notice individual pixels on the display. At this size, the human eye cannot see pixelation past 300 pixels per inch, which as we know is less than 326 pixels per inch as on the retina display.  Even if you hold the phone close to your eye it is unlikely you will actually see individual pixels. When combined with a stunning LED backlight, the iPhone display does look amazing.


To date, the retina display on the iPhone is one of the most impressive and visually pleasing mobile smartphone displays. This new technology allows for a quality display for the mobile environment that does not sacrifice detail, depth, clarity and sharpness. If you are looking for the best display on the market, look no further than the iPhone 4. What does Apple have in store for the iPhone 5 though? With technology constantly improving, we will surely see a nice improvement in display quality from the Apple iPhone 5, if there is even anything to improve on?



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