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8 Steps to Maximise Your Macbook Battery Life

Maximize the Battery Life of Your MacBook

Nothing is more annoying than when your Macbook or Macbook Pro dies on you. It may not happen often, but for those power users out there, getting the best out of your battery life is important. Below are some tips to get the best out of your Macbook battery life.

1. Keeping your Macbook charged is a good start. Be sure to charge regularly, but only when your battery level is low to prevent misuse.
2. Apple software updates may improve battery life. Always be up to date.
3. Once in a while, discharge the battery of your MacBook Pro – about once a month should be enough. Run it until it shuts down or outs itself to sleep. Then when the battery is already drained, plug the MacBook Pro to recharge.
4. Don’t let your Mac overheat! And this includes leaving it in hot temperatures!
5. Lower the brightness of your screen.
6. Turn off Bluetooth
7. Turn off or disable AirPort if you are not using it.
8. If you keep your Macbook plugging in, remove the battery so no harm is done from overcharging.


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