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Google Chrome Internet Browser Review

Chrome bases its major appeal on its simple user experience and optimal speeds, often beating out the competition in both aspects.

Google Chrome has been steadily gaining success since its release in 2008,  claiming a large chunk of the share of internet browser usage. Here are some of the best features of Chrome.

Features of Google Chrome

The latest version of Chrome is packed full of innovative features sure to improve your browsing experience. Synchronisation between devices is a major feature of the Google Chrome browser, keeping all your user data including bookmarks, passwords and the likes securely synchronised between devices for instant access. Tabbed browsing works well in Chrome, with a smooth experience and customisable interface. You can also re-open closed tabs in the odd case that a webpage stops working or you accidentally close it. A very handy feature that saves you from having to open up browser history.

Privacy browsing is also a great feature of Chrome. Allowing you to browse in Incognito mode, which does not track your page views or history as you navigate web pages. All browsing in incognito mode is private and safe from other users.

The best part of Google chrome is its massive range of extensions and plug ins all available via the Chrome App store. You can access a huge variation of features such as social integration, search tools, customisation options and more! You can even apply themes to spice up the look of your browser.

Security of Google Chrome

Chrome has excellent security features with built in malware and phishing protection as well as automatic updates to keep your browser up to date with the latest security fixes and information. Chrome automatically alerts you of suspicious web pages and has a wide set of security options to enable safe and care free browsing. Sandboxing helps block malware and is a very effective method for preventing any malware from getting onto your computer or monitoring your activities.

Speed of Google Chrome

Chrome is fast. Much faster than most. Timed trials show that Chrome is well ahead of the competition, but we all know that this really is a user based decision. Test out chrome for yourself. If you are a user of Internet Explorer or the dying Firefox, you might be impressed with the speed of Chrome.



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