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Feedly. What is it? A Visually Appealing RSS Reader

Feedly, originally a Google Chrome extension, has now expanded its capabilities to iOS and Android devices, as well as integration with Firefox and Safari. Feedly displays the latests updates from your chosen feeds. These can include your favourite blogs, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, anything with a feed! These updates are displayed in a magazine like view which simplifies and manages your experience. One of the most popular features of Feedly is it’s clean and visually pleasing layout. It makes reading articles and posts a pleasant and streamlined experience. Based on your previous reading patterns, Feedly will also organise posts in a manner that will attract your attention. As Feedly is now available for iOS and Android devices, you can now download it for your iPad, iPhone or Android Smartphone. This gives you a portable, visually appealing RSS reader on the go.

Feedly’s integration with Facebook and twitter allow you to keep track of your social life with ease. Also, when you search or browse a page in Google, it will use your keywords and show you recent stories about those topics in a nice overlay at the bottom of your screen. Very handy for finding things you otherwise wouldn’t.

A great visually pleasing alternative if you are sick of your boring RSS reader.



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