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What is Google Play?

Google has just recently released its brand new platform Google Play. Google Play can be described as an Android equivalent to the Apple App store.

You can find music, books, movies, apps and games all in one place on the Google Play store. These are available for download across a range of android devices. Is this Google’s answer to the cloud services being rolled out by Apple?


Google Play allows you to watch HD movies ranging from new releases to award winning films and classics on the Android device of your choosing and even just on the web! Movies can be downloaded for offline viewing at any time, or streamed over the net.


Like iTunes, Google Play provides access to a huge database of music available to download. According to Google, you can store up to 20,000 songs from your own library for free (perhaps an attempt to compete with Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Match service). Music can be accessed instantly over the web or on your devices.

Apps and Games

Google Play claims to have over 450,000 apps that can be installed across android devices and in your web browser.


With a large selection of eBooks, Google Play gives you access to popular authors and books across your android devices and the web.

Youtube Integration

And now, Google Play has joined forces with Youtube to allow for HD movie streaming all over the internet and on compatible devices! Check out the movies section of Youtube.


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