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Apple New iPad and Australia 4G Network Fail.

The Apple iPad 3 or New iPad has been quite a success, despite uncertainty regarding sales figures originally. Apple claims it has sold 3 million units of the Apple iPad 3 within a week of its original release worldwide back in March, 2012. We can only imagine how many have been sold since then.

There has been much controversy regarding the 4G capabilities of the iPad in Australia, with unsure results regarding the compatibility of the iPad 4G networking on Australian networks themselves. The problem is that Australian networks have not yet updated their infrastructure to match that of the iPad requirements. So do we blame Australia, or Apple? Surely Apple should have known this and could have accounted for different network infrastructures. Although, Apples innovative new product may push Australia to improve network infrastructure to meet new industry standards.

With the Apple iPad being used in every aspect of modern life from education to entertainment, office presentations, music production. Pretty much everything. There is no doubt that Australia will eventually improve its network infrastructure to meet the new requirements. Apple is too much of an important brand to lose for Australian consumers. It is only fair that we get access to the fast 4G speeds the rest of the world is experiencing.


One comment on “Apple New iPad and Australia 4G Network Fail.

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