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Apple iPad? Download eBooks with the iBooks App and iTunes Store

The Apple iPad is a popular choice for portable media, and bookworms can now take advantage of the eBook reader functions of the iPad via the eBook App from the Apple App store. iBooks allows you to read and download books, magazines, pdfs and more from the internet for your own personal viewing on the go. Some books are free, while others are offered for a low price via the iTunes store. Once a book is downloaded to the iPad, readers can change the font, scroll through pages, chapters, bookmarks, search for phrases and words and more. A great addition to the iPad if you are looking for an eBook reader with amazing functionality.

A huge selection of books are available electronically for download via the iTunes store, and there are many sites offering free ebooks for the iPad as well. You can find anything from classics such as Shakespeare to best selling novels from Jane Austen and magazines from all the popular media outlets.

If you are a fan of reading on the go and don’t want to carry your whole library around, the Apple iPad and its eBook functionality might be for you. Too expensive? Check out the Kindle from Amazon. It offers the same functionality for a better price!



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