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What To Look For in a Smartphone. Quick Smartphone Buying Guide.

There are so many smartphone devices out there today that it is difficult to know which brands are best and which devices will best suit your needs. HTC, Apple, Blackberry, Android? What do you look for! The important thing is to familiarise yourself with your preferred OS and aim for a phone that suits your needs.


The design of the smartphone is always important. A phone that looks good and feels good to hold is what you are generally looking for. Don’t always go for the biggest screen or the most expensive phone, as these are not always best. A phone that is shaped to what you find aesthetically pleasing, but also a phone that is shaped in way that it is comfortable to hold and easy to use. That is what you are looking for. The most popular design at current is the general bar style build. This style allows for a larger screen and touch input, and also fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Media Features

What will you be using your phone for? If you are looking for a business phone to take calls, messages, email and the like in a user friendly manner, don’t overcomplicate by buying the phone with the most features. Often, a simple android device will suffice for a business user. However, if you are looking to splurge, top of the range Blackberry devices are exceptional for business purposes. If you are a general consumer looking to enjoy media on your phone, opt for a larger screen and memory capacity. Many android devices now come with Micro SD/TF input, allowing you to cheaply and easily increase storage capacity to up to 32GB.

Battery Life

This one is simple, but many people forget to look. Check the battery life of your device in terms of standby time and call time. These will make a big impact on your overall use.

Extra Features

Cameras, bluetooth, a specific OS. These are all general features people tend to look for. A quality camera is important if you are looking to take snaps on the go. Anything below 3MP may suffer in quality. Don’t forget to check for a flash!


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