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Microsoft Office 15 Preview. Apple office apps more user friendly.

An early look at Microsoft Office 15 →
Since this is a technical preview, which Microsoft only made available to a select few customers, the company likely still has more changes in store for the new Office suite. But at first glance, Office 15 seems like a step in the right direction, offering some of the simplicity of the Metro style but keeping its roots firmly as a desktop program.”

Microsoft Office products have always been the go for most people when it comes to office productivity, but with the revolutionising of the mac, OS X and the iPhone/iPad, Apple’s office suite is much more enticing. Using Office for Windows, I have always come across bugs. No matter how fast or new my computer is, office applications are always the ones to slow my computer down. Pages, Numbers and Keynote on OS X and iOS have proved a worthy alternative so far in my use. While I still encounter some bugs, the overall stability and usability of these apps is far superior to Microsoft Office. Can Windows make a come back with it’s metro interface? Probably not. According to experts, the interface is cluttered and has already been criticised. Apple seems to have advanced so far and so fast recently. Is the only thing keeping Microsoft in front the fact that they just happened to grab the majority market share first? Or maybe Apple’s products are just too expensive to provide for the general population. It’s confusing though. According to statistics, not that many people actually own an iPhone. Yet everywhere I look, I see an iPhone!

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