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Gaming on android phones

Surveys show that Android OS (Operating Systems) is likely the most applicable and flexible phone that answer to the requirements of everyone in an efficient manner. A wide array of handy applications is offered that range from professional office apps to multimedia apps for young people and kids. When it comes to entertainment, this OS offers a wide choice of games, which are supported with a great graphics. It also includes simple games with easy storyline succeeding to offer a memorable entertaining experience.
Statistics say that RPG games are likely the most downloaded and consumed games at Android phones. Given below is a popular selection of RPG games available on Android to give a different gaming experience.
Path of warrior: This is surely one of the most recognized RPG and multiplayer game available on Android. Perhaps graphics is used within average limits and the storyline keeps stability between things and covers its defects. This game is based on a strategy that focuses on a civil war. Players find the game having similarities with a star wars movie that describes situations like a fictional Tolkien-esque kingdom.
Final Fantasy: this is also easily recognizable for gamers and it has more than 16 titles in its series. Players need to use Gameboy Advance Emulator to play this game on Android phones. There is a striking storyline and character which is based on a conflict on a group of characters that battle an evil.
Golden Sun: This is a nice RPG game with attractive storyline. It addresses many mages that are sent to keep the outbreak of alchemy destruction from occurring. However, players need to download Gameboy Emulator to play this nice game.
Chrono Tiger: This game uses a super Nintendo Emulation system. It can be gamed on Android only after installing the Emulator.

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