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Touchscreen. The future of computers?

Everywhere you look these days you see a touch screen device. Whether it be an iPad or iPhone, an Android device or even a Blackberry. The mobile industry has embraced the touch screen¬†phenomenon. I can still remember when I got my first mobile and the thought of a touch screen interface…was not even there. Technology has come so far in mobile technology, branching out into tablet devices. But what of desktop computers? Are they also soon to be dominated by touchscreen interfaces?

Both Windows and Apple are showing major signs of moving towards touch screen monitors for their desktop computers. The Windows 8 metro interface is clearly designed for touch input and even provides tablet support. Apple is also heading further towards this destination, as they slowly integrate features from the highly successful iOS into their desktop OS Mountain Lion (expected to be released later this year). Even Google has announced they will be providing a more touch friendly interface in their desktop version of the Google Chrome browser.

Should you buy a touch screen monitor now? No way. At the rate things are going, I would expect touch screen monitors to become more mainstream and of higher quality within the next few years. This would mean a decrease in price. Touch screen monitors are incredibly expensive now in comparison to HD monitors and even 3D monitors. Most are not even multi-touch (the technology that makes the iPhone touch interface so easy to use!) If you can hold out for this new technology, not only will ¬†you save big bucks but once Apple and Microsoft get a grip on this whole touch screen thing…it will be awesome.

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