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Internet Explorer 10 to have metro interface

Microsoft’s soon to be released browser for Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, will come in two versions. One version will stick to the original Internet Explorer browser experience (aka. completely sucking), and the second, a streamlined metro version, may bring a glimmer of hope to the browser towards competing against third party browsers such as Google Chrome.

Users of the browser will be given the option between the two user interfaces. The desktop version of Internet Explorer provides the same browsing experience provided previously with some new features. The metro version follows a more streamlined approach to provide a smooth browsing experience, optimised for tablets and touch screen devices.

One of the biggest changes is the removal of menus, tabs, address bars and the like in the metro interface. Instead, a full screen browsing experience is offered in order to maximise the use of screen real estate. To reveal the address bar at the bottom of the screen, users must right click anywhere in the browser. A tab/window space is also seen at the top of the screen when users right click.

The new metro interface is designed to hide features, until you need them. This may cause confusion for some, while a more streamlined experience for others. 

Personally, Internet explorer has always been the buggiest and slowest browser. I have been switching between Firefox and Chrome for a while now due to far greater reliability and stability. If Windows can improve the browsing experience, maybe more people will return back to the original internet browser.

If you want to try out the new browser, Microsoft has released an early sample on their website to download. 

2 comments on “Internet Explorer 10 to have metro interface

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