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Dropbox Vs iCloud. Which is for you?

Only recently have I truly found the need for cloud services, especially when it comes to my university degree. I am in constant need of back ups and PDFs on different computers, and Dropbox, being both windows and OS X compatible, as well as just really easy to use, was the perfect solution.

You are probably familiar with Dropbox, which allows you to upload, store and access files from any computer or device using their cloud service. If you download their app and sign up (very quick and pain free), you are given 2GB of free online storage. For most, this will be enough for casual backing up and synchronisation. If you are in need of more storage, the payment plans for larger amounts are very competitive. The service is also one of the more reliable out there.

iCloud or Dropbox? Well, I have both. I use both. But iCloud is only being used because it’s there. Dropbox has a whole range of functionality which iCloud lacks in terms of file management and synchronisation between devices. While iCloud is only OS X compatible, dropbox is compatible over a range of devices. You can also use Dropbox to download torrents remotely by having your torrent program simply monitor your Dropbox folder. Whenever you move a torrent to that folder on one computer or device, it will be uploaded, synced, downloaded to other devices and recognised by your torrent program.

Another handy feature? The sharing of files is made incredibly easy.

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